Frequently Asked Questions


Here you can find some of our educated answers for our most frequently asked questions.  If your question is not answered below, please contact HCI at 800-362-9336.






When is my bill due?

HCI customers will receive their bills on the 1st of each month.  All bills are due on the 15th of that month.  If the bill is not paid by the due date, a 3% late fee will be charged to the account on the 16th.  The 1st of the following month, services will be disconnected if the bill is still not paid.




How do I determine which Internet connection I need?

Up to 40 Mbps.  This is used for basic internet surfing.  Some streaming can be done as well, as long as no other devices are using the connection.  Recommended for 1-3 devices.


Up to 60 Mbps.  Netflix, Youtube, etc. are able to stream efficiently while other devices are surfing the Internet. Recommended for 3-7 devices.


Up to 80 Mbps.  Multiple devices are able to seamlessly stream all at once. This connection is highly recommended for gaming, XBox Live, Hulu, Netfilx, and similar platforms. Recommended for 7+ devices.




Does HCI have after hours support?


Yes!  HCI's 24/7 Technical Support is 1-800-589-2145 and we always have a technician on call.




Can I make a payment by phone?


Yes!  HCI accepts both credit card and debit card payments by phone.  We also accept check-by-phone payments. There is a $5 fee for this type of payment.




Why is my first bill so expensive?


The first bill is prorated for services starting when the initial installation occurred and it includes any hook up fees.  HCI bills all customers in advance for monthly recurring charges and in arrears for long distance toll charges.  Credits or charges for any services made during the month will be reflected in the next billing cycle as a non-recurring charge.