Red Ribbon Week

HCI visited the Canton-Galva Elementary School this week to help raise awareness for Red Ribbon Week (saying no to drugs and making healthy decisions). Roxie, Jill and Mikayla dressed up in the school theme of crazy socks and hair day and delivered cards and bags to all of the students that said “Drugs are nothing to “laf” about, they are “dum” and will “blow” your mind. Always be “smart” and say no to drugs everytime!” The goodie bags contained laffy taffy, dum-dums, blow-pops and smarties. We wrapped the week up participating at the school assembly on Thursday morning. Kindergarten through 4th grade was recognized for their individual posters and a winner from each class was awarded a healthy dance party with 2 friends. HCI provided a fruit pizza, apple juice, cheese, carrots & ranch and apples & peanut butter for their afternoon snack. Fifth and sixth grade wrote essays that the school teachers graded and all students who received an “A” on their paper was entered into a drawing for an Amazon Echo Dot, donated by HCI. The grand prize winner that was drawn was awarded a google chromebook, also donated by HCI. We had a great time participating in the school activities. The CG students were very appreciative, had great manners and had some crazy socks and hairstyles! It’s a great day to be an Eagle and we are very fortunate to be a part of such great schools in our communities.

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