We Love Our Small Town Communities & Schools!

HCI prides itself in being involved in our local schools and communities. We love seeing how our donations are working in the communities and school systems where we have services. It is very common for us to receive “Thank You” letters for our donations, which shows how appreciative our communities and students are of our involvement and commitment to our service areas. The following story that we received is just one example of why we love our small town communities and schools!

From Central Plains High School prom committee member:

Thank you for the Amazon Dot you donated to CPHS after prom. It was easily the most popular prize.

“One of our students was in an accident the day of Prom. He broke his arm very badly and was in surgery at the time the Prom Dinner started. At the After Prom the kids were visiting with him via phones... They went around and showed him all the prizes and asked which one he wanted. He wanted the Amazon Dot!! So many of the students put their tickets in the sack for the Dot, so they could then give it to him. I wish I had taken a picture of the bag, it was full! The young man in the photo that won the Dot gave it to the student that could not attend Prom. Kinda of cool seeing them being so thoughtful!

We again had nearly 100% attendance! The kids have so much fun!

Thank you again for you donation and support. We would not be able to do it without awesome donations like yours!”

HCI is committed to the communities and schools systems that we serve. We are proud of our small town rural communities and the people who work and live in them.

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