CGES Red Ribbon Week Parade

Today HCI staff wore their red to support the Canton-Galva Elementary students as they paraded down Galva Main Street. The students and staff were all holding on to a red ribbon and chanting “CG is drug free”. CGES participated in Red Ribbon Week, which is a nationally organized event whose main purpose is to raise drug awareness. The students and staff have also been talking about bullying prevention and awareness so the theme for October was “Say BOO to bullying and drugs!” The kids were all given a red bracelet that says “CG is drug free!” By wearing their bracelet, students had the chance to be entered into different prize drawings. HCI is a proud sponsor of our local communities and schools and we were honored to be able to participate and sponsor such a great program. Great job to the CGES administration and staff for celebrating and encouraging the students to make healthy choices. Even though it was pretty chilly this morning, the kids looked like they were having a great time and we enjoyed watching the parade!

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